Diverse Themes
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Writings and Experiences

The original aim of this my "Diverse Themes" page was to amplify some of the historical facets of our walks. After all, walks are one key with which one can unlock England's rich and varied past - and, of course, that of other countries as well! This aim still holds, but as you will see, I have expanded on the concept "diverse" to bring in other topics, including those under the "Writings" banner. Many of the travels I have undertaken are in connection with hiking and walking; however, some travels are more related to visits and sightseeing, and less to hiking and walking. In this context, the "Travels" section fulfills its role.

Life is busy. However, I have quite a few things waiting to be assembled and written. When each item is ready it will feature here. Subject matter is varied, but then, so is life!

By the way, an asterisk "*" indicates that the associated link is to PART of another page. Conversely, therefore, without the asterisk, the link is to a "self contained" page in its own right.


Dunster Castle, near Minehead has its origins firmly rooted in the Middle Ages, when the erstwhile owners - the Luttrells - set up house here. Victorian "clean line improvements" make it look like an early rocket launching site.

Great Houses, Gardens & Castles

Smaller Houses

Village Churches






The embullience and glory of the Baroque is in reasonably ready reach of
Überlingen on Lake Constance.

Bird World

I'm a Harris Hawk. I'm only three years old, but can already show you my fine curved and pointed beak with great pride - well, I mean, it is my vital dining accessory after all. My owner has called me "Guinness" because it's his favourite tipple, but, being teetotal, I've never tried the brew.

On Rails

It's a steamy affair down at the Spa Valley Railway,
where the "Jinty" is being prepared for the day's duties.

Some Writings

In between leaking ink and making ink blots, the fountain pen produced some excellent calligraphy.

For the following three pages, please see the particular page for its latest update. Thank you!

  1. Multiple Choice Tests - Processing the Test Marks
  2. Waxing Poetic - Some Impromptu Verse
  3. Make your own calendar

Helpful Footnote

Asterisks, where they appear, denote links to relevant descriptions in my "Walks" section. Essentially, as mentioned above, one useful purpose of this "Diverse Themes" page is to bring together some topics which might otherwise not get so readily noticed in the "Walks" section. As you see, my walks are not just for the purpose of walking! They have other purposes besides!