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Rationale for this "Drafts" Page

From time to time it is nice to produce some pages very quickly in response to particular activities or events. My esteemed readers, you will not be surprised that like you, I have a lot of things that vie for my attention. As a result it may not always be possible to produce pages with appropriate detailed captions and descriptions. The linked pages you see here are therefore - you will understand - not the "finished article". However, they were created because I think you will anyway find them of interest.

Essentially, these linked pages are being worked on. They MIGHT see the "light of day" as a "finished product", depending on requests and available time. The pictures will often not be processed (no cropping, no sharpening, no rotational adjustment). Text and picture captions may not be complete or even exist! Enjoy these (draft) pages for what they are!

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On this web page, the pictures of the "hammer and adjustable spanner in the header" are - for what they might be worth - my very own creation!!