Lakeland Delight
2013 - June - 11

Goodbye Lakes! Goodbye Hostel! To the Station Please Read Me

Goodbye Lakes & Ambleside!

Our last day was one of saying our goodbyes, packing and generally preparing to return to the deep south. It had started to rain, and we knew we had been lucky. We had good walking weather every day - some clouds yes, to keep the heat of the sun at bay. It was a successful extended CLOG weekend away, thanks to the organisers - JohnE. and Elaine and to the walk and event leaders.

Memories were made - enjoying excellent scenery in good company!

Goodbye Hostel!

It's time to have a last look around our "residence" for the past few days. A hostel probably had one or more previous incarnations as a family home. It was built in sturdy Victorian Lakeland fashion. Slate on the outside and, on the ground floor, high ceilings within.

We take a final look at our hostel lounge, scene of the morning briefing sessions - CLOG style.

Even the rambling plant scaling the slatey heights of the hostel seems to wave us goodbye.

Windermere Station

Windermere Station is conveniently on several bus routes. The station is the gateway to the south and Euston via Oxenholme. It has witnessed many Lakeland comings and goings. Luckily, the Windermere branch escaped Beeching's axe, although Windermere Station has shrunk from its Victorian size.

This is the ornate Victorian "porch" at Windermere station, witness of many Lakeland comings and goings. An august lady of our group pauses for a moment to take center stage!
The deep south finally beckons.