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2013, 2009 and 2008

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What you will see here - Related Walks and Trips

Here you will read and see activities related to our stay in Ambleside. Some activities were undertaken by my CLOG friends either this time or a few years ago. In some other CLOG activities a few years ago I also had the privilege to take part.

CLOG Grasmere Easter 2009

On our CLOG visit at Easter 2009 we stayed at the Butharlyp Howe YHA. This had been newly painted, just in time for Easter. It had the more relaxed house regime that characterises the YHAs of the new era; the catering was good, although Grasmere itself was certainly not without good eateries. Here is a summary of what we got up to then.

Left: "Yup. This is the way according to the OS".
Right: "I can look forward to complete confidence in our leader!"

CLOG Ambleside July 2008

Cloggies had already visited Ambleside in July 2008. You can see that the Lake District is high on the CLOG's annual agenda. Destinations my Cloggie friends visited at that time, before I became a CLOGgie, included: Bowfell, the Great Slab and the Climber's path.

CLOG Ambleside June 2013 - Additional Activities

There were, of course, other activities during our 2013 stay in Ambleside. Parallel activities are the traditional approach for many CLOG away visits, especially in an area like the Lake District, where, after all, there is so much on offer to the discerning Cloggie. These parallel activities included a high level walk around Bow Fell (north of the Crinkle Crags) (on June 09), a moderate level walk to Grasmere (also on June 09) and cycle riding around Hawkshead and Wray Castle (on June 10). From June 09 onwards, there were also some more leisurely low level walks to Grasmere.