2014:  April 21

Our Last Day

It's been an enjoyable Easter Break - and good weather too! Some of us need to speed off quickly to the deep south to fullfil waiting appointments. Some of us tarry a while, perhaps for a day or two - after all, having travelled this far, it's always nice to "maximise one's investment of time and money", or so the commercial saying goes. A last short walk on to the Yewdale Fells behind our hostel is on the schedule for a select few of us while others take a boat trip on Coniston Water.

A Last Look Around and About Our Easter Residence

Mornings always seen to have something special about them, so it was worth, once again, getting up before breakfast to take a last look at the surroundings which provided the backcloth to our successful Easter CLOG Getaway.

A last look around our place of residence over Easter. The Victorians sure had a way with plaster. What a lovely rosette that graces the lounge ceiling!

Dawn in Coniston. The morning sun creates delicate silhouettes of the mature garden trees.

Some seasoned campers are still asleep in their tents on the front lawn.

The "Alpine Glow" behind the hostel has still to reach its most brilliant hue.

The Yewdale Fells

It was a steep and stoney rise up onto the Yewdale Fells, but - as is often the case in similar situations - we were rewarded by the nice views, today back over Coniston and Coniston Water. The good weather was still very much with us. A final visit to the fells of Lakeland.

The verdant landscape of late spring and the ever present bright yellow gorse provides the right seasonal flavour for this view over Coniston and its "Water".

John, a Cloggie stalwart, comes into the picture.

Bertha, Lesley's pet, joined us (with her owner of course!) on some of our walks. She enjoyed charging over the mountain terrain; she was far quicker than most of us, but never once got lost. Here she shows off her magnificent white teeth, but, being far too sociable and friendly a canine, she did not find occasion to use them in earnest!

We tarry a while to soak up the view.

I didn't give the requisite atention to matters navigational,
so we descended a tad earlier than intended, ...

... but no matter. It was all in a day's work. And so endeth an excellent Easter Break. Thanks be to Gavin and Ralph and all!

Final Pictures

Here are two last pictures of our Easter residence. I took these shortly before getting the bus back to Windermere, the southern gateway to the Lakes. The two pictures are similar, so you are cordially invited to play the game of "spot the difference".

The overnight campers have a gone and the hostel is bathed in the peace of a sunny early afternoon in Coniston. The evening will be alive with the new - post Easter - visitors.

Behind the hostel, Long Crag is bathed in the mid-day sun. The Monkey Puzzle tree - that evidence of the Victorians' quest for the exotic - stands guard over the house, as it has done for well over a century. It's time to say farewell. The curtain finally closes on a good holiday.

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