29th April to 2nd May 2016

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Our Visit to the Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean (Dean Forest) was a very successful CLOG long weekend break with lots to do and see. We were based almost in "mid-forest", in Parkend. Walking was our main focus, with Symond's Yat, Clearwell and Tintern (our foray into Wales) on our agenda. With Canoeing on the Wye providing that extra flavour of adventure and with cycling through the vast Forest of Dean providing a faster but still relaxing pace, we certainly had a "Multi-Activity" weekend. Added to that some sightseeing and nice evening dining, we can indeed say that we had a very memorable and enjoyable visit. The weather was well behaved, with only some rain on our inward and return journeys.

Staying on a day or so meant I could indulge in some amateur "ferro-equinology", visiting the Dean Forest Railway on our door step in Parkend. Those of you who like to indulge a bit in our more recent industrial heritage, will, I hope find the pictures and description of my visit interesting.

We have reached Symond's Yat! (On last day of April!)

So here is what you will see in these web pages. Happy browsing!

Thanks to All!

Thank you to Yvonne (Davies) who organised our Dean Forest visit and to Helen (Rundall) who was able to take over the reins at the last moment, when unfortunately, Yvonne herself could not come. Thank you to event and walk leaders for your ideas and "guiding" things. Thanks to all for your support and good company! Of course, Adrian, thanks for your GPS file which you so diligently created on our Symond's Yat walk! We all look forward to more CLOG trips like this, our successful and enjoyable visit to the Forest of Dean!