2011 July 1 - 4

What you will see and read here

IVC Visit to Edale : 2011 July 1 - 4

This visit, capably organised by Cynthia and Adrian, and ably supported by walk organisers (Alan and John), car drivers and many more, took in an important part of the Peak District. We had some quite easy walks - both high and low level. The Peak District attracts numerous people from the surrounding conurbations, including Manchester and Sheffield. The weather was good, so walking took priority over the many other famous tourist attractions which the area has to offer.

On Saturday we got up to about 600 m to take in the vast open spaces that make up the Peak District. Sunday's walk was a stroll into the Industrial Revolution and its Victorian sequel. As a Good Bye, our Monday walk showed landscape pleasantly moulded by man to supply one of his great needs - water!

The pictorial descriptions that follow, echo my experiences. Sometimes I made the cardinal error of photographing into the sun. However, my new 12MP camera appears to be a less capable beastie than my previous 7.2MP machine. (You can, no doubt, see a moral in this statement).

What we got up to each day


Once again, especial thanks to Cynthia, Adrian, Alan and JohnE who freely drew on their time, resources and experience, to give us all some nice days in an interesting part of England. Thanks, of course, also to the cooks and car drivers and all who contributed to this trip.

Parting Shot

The following is attributable to Richard.
" A termite enters a pub and asks, 'Err is the bar tender?' "
Those "would be" the terrible termite's words, but all comments to Richard, please.