Robins & Blackbirds in the Spring

As I'm sure you'll appreciate, wild birds can be rather flighty at the best of times. I therefore set about trying to meet the photographic challenge of recording some of their activities. While I am definitely an amateur in this area, I hope you will, nevertheless enjoy my photographic endeavours.

On the look out for tasty morsels.

Here's what you will see on this page. I hope you enjoy my pictures, although I'm sure many of you will be able to bertter my humble efforts!

Spring has Sprung

It's spring, but already the garden is alive with all the signs of early summer. The shrubs and trees are flowering. Birds are building their nests and raising their broods. In particular, a pair of robins have nested in the old oak and are busily looking for tasty creepy-crawlies for their vociferous young. A pair of black birds are also very active, making sure that no part of the garden goes undiscovered in their search for food. Apparently and interestingly, robins and blackbirds are both related to the thrushes.

Robins (2011 May 12)

A pair of robins have nested in the old oak and are busily looking for tasty creepy-crawlies for their vociferous young. What a racket the fledglings are making - they can't wait for their tasty grubs and insects! Robins have been known to live for 12 years, but the average life span barely exceeds one year. Poor things!

One of the parents looks calm in the midst of the flowering bush ...

... while the other looks a bit ruffled and scruffy.

On the look out for tasty morsels.

Found something!

Found something else.

Surely there must be something here.

Perhaps I need a better vantage point.

What about here ...

... or here?

Aha, I've found something again.

Blackbirds (2011 May 14)

There is also a pair of blackbirds collecting nesting material and at the same time looking out for some nice, high-protein, morsels. Mrs Blackbird appears to be more diligent than her husband. Femina laborat.

Mr Blackbird looks ...

... and rummages around.

Mrs B is listening intently for that elusive delicious creepy-crawly.

Now Mr B is strutting around.

I'm being photographed says Mrs B.

I'm definitely being photographed.


Ihope you who have enjoyed these pictures and will be encouraged to record the positive aspects of nature in all her forms! I'm sure that you can better my amateurish attemps!