20th July 2018

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The Very Last Day

This was the occasion for some final impressions before I departed to the deep south. This was yet another case of "there's always something new to see and learn". First came the decor and prints in the hotel and then there were the musical notes embedded in the picturesque Bridge of Llangollen. The efficiency of the journey home was a fitting end to a very fine and educative away break!

The waters of the Dee will still be tumbling and playing over the rocks in Llangollen
long after our successful visit in 2018.

Goodbye Hotel

I got a good deal from "Booking.com" for my three extra days stay at the Royal Hotel. There are any number of Georgian and Victorian prints gracing the walls of this traditional establishment, and on the last day I saw some that had evaded me earlier. Being early for breakfast I also managed to get a table with a nice view. For me, all these aspects add up to the sum total of happiness with the hotel.

View from my hotel room.

Stylish furnishing in my hotel room.

Carved chair in the lobby.

View from the breakfast table.

Another view from the same breakfast table.

After breakfast I went to the terrace to take in this view of Llangollen Bridge.

Stylish carpet on first floor.

Tyloge Bridge over the River Ystwith (cf. Aberystwyth),
in the estate of one Thomas Hafod. (published 1809)

And here, as a sort of parting shot are,
would you believe, our Two Ladies of Llangollen.
(Sorry about the reflections.
I'm an imperfect photographer in an imperfect world.)

Goodbye Llangollen

It was time for a last look around down-town Llangollen. This included, of course, not just the hotel, but the - probably world famous - view of the Dee babbling and gurgling over the rocks around and beneath "ye olde bridge". Last views of the heritage railway that had served us well on our walks were also committed to pixels for your delectation on this web page.

The Welsh and British flags are flying over the entrance to Royal Hotel.

International flags on the bridge
are a reminder of the previous week's International Music Festival

Here is the famous view of the Dee at Llangollen.

We arrived in Llangollen about a week after
the International Music Festival (formerly the Welsh Eisteddfod) ...

... but these notes are permanently embedded in the pavement of the old bridge.

We used the Llangollen Steam Railway as a scenic - and traditional - way
to reach the start and end of a number of our walks.

And here is a colourful last view of the railway.

Homeward Journey

Whether or not the heritage railway will ever be extended back to Trevor and a connection with the main railway line between Chester and Llanelli is a matter of conjecture. In the meantime, bus route 5 was the link to Ruabon Station. Careful how you pronounce this name, otherwise the locals will know that you are not local. Having reached Chester by train from Ruabon, I found a nice direct connection from Chester to Euston. The train - all five coaches of it - was waiting at Chester and was not "filled to the gunnels" like the longer overcrowded trains I have often had to experience from Penrith to Euston. So, it was a good journey back, without undue hassle, and Eric was happy.

The Royal Hotel. View from the top of the bus.

Bridge End Hotel (mind the jacket potatoes). View from the top of the bus.

Having crossed the Dee, I had this last view of Llangollen
complete with some of the festival flags.

I'm on the road from Llangollen to Ruabon.

Last Words

It had been a nice few days - full of not just exercise but also of cultural food for the intellect. Although the weather was at times hot and a tad sultry, we had had the mental capacity and reserve to get the most out of our stay. A big thank you to trip organizers Dan and Adrian - whose idea it was to visit Llangollen - and to event leaders. Well done! We all enjoyed ourselves!