1st - 4th May 2009
Coast, Mountains, History & Walks!

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Our Visit to Minehead

Do, do, do, do, do you remember? It was the year 2009. It was the year that Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the USA. It was the year that saw the hitherto longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century (over 6⅔ minutes over parts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean). It was the year that Helen Rundall arranged a very nice CLOG Away-Break to Minehead - a visit we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Some of us scaled Dunkery Beacon which, at 519 m, is the highest point on Exmoor, and in Somerset. From here we had a great all-round view of the Exmoor landscape.

A fine coastal walk from Lynmouth was an unforgettable must-do part of our Minehead experience.

We had some memorable and active days, nice easy walking and good company ... and the sun also shone benignly on us. We were based in the centre of Minehead with good access to the start of our walks. We took things gently, never exceeding much above 15 miles on any one day. The following are only some aspects of our activities. Since the emphasis was on the walking (and some sightseeing) and not photography, please make allowances for the technical and artistic imperfections!

Thank You

Many thanks to Helen R., Yvonne and Helen D. and to all those who organised the walks and to all who helped to make this CLOG away weekend a success. Excellent! Waxing metaphorical, we could say that our memories were bathed indelibly in the warm early May sunshine.