Minehead 2017 : August 25-28

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It is a positive feature of CLOG away breaks that there are generally a number of parallel activities. So, on our away break, there were two walks which were similar in some ways to my walks with the "girls" on the first two days; however, these two additional walks were geared to those who wanted - perfectly understandably - to concentrate on the walking and not so much on the other aspects - such as the iconic villages, the cider and British history - for which this part of the West Country is renowned. On the last day, some of our party visited Lynmouth by bus and did a short walk there. On this day, another party visited Dunster walking there via the English Coast Path. It is likely that there were yet more parallel activities, but these are the ones of which I am aware. The index numbers below refer, of course, to the relevant August dates.

  1. Dunkery Beacon (Saturday). This walk started near Porlock and went to Minehead via Dunkery Beacon. However, ostensibly to save time, the walk started at a place a bus stop or two east of Porlock, to avoid that interesting village. The tea garden at Horner was also bypassed. All this paid dividends, for the party arrived back at the hostel in Minehead about mid-afternoon.

  2. Rugged Path (Sunday). This walk, I understand, took in the Rugged Path, then skirted around Bossington Hill, and returned via the upper South West Coast Path. The outward route was via Minehead's Harbour, and I think that this was probably the return route as well; in this way, it would have been possible to avoid entirely Minehead's historic Higher Town which was only a "stone's throw" away from the hostel. Indeed, I think this walk also avoided the famous and interesting village of Selworthy, which can be reached with only minimal extra walking effort from Bossington Hill and the upper South West Coast Path.

  3. Lynmouth (Monday). On the last full day, John (C) led a visit for some of our party by bus (single deck, open-top, charabanc style) along the picturesque coast road to Lynmouth. Here the party went to the famous valley of the rocks; the associated 5 mile walk provided some of the exercise for the day.

  4. Dunster - Shore First (Monday). Another group visited Dunster walking the easier shore route first. In the event, once in Dunster, some decided to take the train back to Minehead, eschewing the picturesque Macmillan Way.

So as you can see, there was plenty to do - even for those who eschewed places of historical and cultural interest. With the excellent weather, there was never a dull moment. That's how we like CLOG away breaks!