Shoreham Church in Kent

Near this Place are deposited the Remains of
Mrs CHARITY PERRONET, late Wife of the
Revd Mr VINCENT PERRONET, Vicar of this Parish.
She was Daughter of THOMAS GOODHEW, of LONDON, Esq
And of Mrs MARGARET GOODHEW, his Wife.
Her Soul was translated out of this Vale of Sorrow & Suffering,
Feb 5th, 1765, in the 74th Year of her Age.
The All Wise GOD, for Reasons infinitely Wise,
Had long held her in the Furnace of Spiritual Affliction;
Where She deeply mourn'd the Want of CHRIST!
But after the LORD had tried his dear Servant, even as Gold is tried,
And had humbled her to the very Dust;
He then exalted her to that Kingdom of Bliss & Glory,
Where all Tears are, for ever, wiped from her Eyes!
Reader, if Thou thus Mourn,
Thou also shalt be comforted.

Near this Place are interred also the remains of the
Revd. VINCENT PERRONET, 57 years Vicar of this Parish
Obiit May 9th 1785, Aetat : 91.

Be ye followers of HIM as he was of CHRIST