CLOG Autumn Break
2014:  October 16  to  October 21

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Our Visit to Patterdale in the Lake District

Patterdale was the venue for CLOG's extended Autumn 2014 weekend: a walking holiday full of interesting destinations to walk to. Our hostel was at 158 metres, so was a good base from which to discover the surrounding mountains. While we had previously explored the area around Patterdale on earlier CLOG trips, there were new hiking trails to be hiked. The weather, while admittedly not on its best behaviour, gave us that extra dimension of new experience and adventure.

On Friday (our first full day) it was Grisedale Tarn that we reached just beneath the clouds; this was an interesting exercise with interesting views - thanks Ralph! On Saturday, Place Fell, at 657 metres, proved decidedly windswept, but we had good views across the surrounding landscape - thanks John B.! Sunday, after our short but scenic walk, turned out to be day of rest and reflection; there was much rain, and a warm shower in the hostel in the early afternoon was much appreciated. And so to Monday, when John B. navigated us up to Sticks Pass and Raise and safely navigated us down again - much cloud, but still a nice scenic walk.

We have just returned from Grisdale Tarn just below the clouds at about 550 m.

As so often on CLOG away-breaks, we had some parallel activities. At Patterdale, these comprised a 15 miler from Penrith to Patterdale on Thursday, and walks with the destinations of Angle Tarn and Hartsop (Sunday) and the famous Aira Force Waterfall (on Monday). An altogether enjoyable away break, made especially interesting by the - albeit at times - challenging weather!

To Patterdale in the Autumn we Cloggies came,
on foot, by car, by bus, and by train.

On Friday to Grisedale Tarn we went,
although low cloud to us was sent
On Saturday, good views we had from Place Fell.
but of gale force winds we sure can tell.
On Sunday in Patterdale it did right regally patter,
a morning walk, then back to base for a rest and chatter.
On Monday it was to Sticks Pass and Raise in the cloud,
and in the rocky terrain we struck our steps unbowed.

Thanks Ralph for organising this interesting trip,
a real experience of Lakeland in a windy grip.
Indeed, a challenging away break, as we can all report,
and many thanks to organisers and all who gave support.

I hope you enjoy reading and looking at these pages and that they will bring back memories of our recent trip. What you will read and see on these pages represents experiences drawn mainly from my personal perspective; however, I hope that these pages will also provide an inspiration for future trips to the Lake District, which I'm sure we would all like to make. In that case they will have fulfilled a further purpose. So, without further ado, let's relive some of our experiences!

Thank You!

Ralph, Many Thanks again for your excellent and efficient organisation of our CLOG extended weekend away break. Thanks also to the walk leaders and event organisers, Ralph and John B. for making this autumn CLOG away break such a success, despite the weather! Thank you all for your good company. All was much appreciated! Another Lakeland visit should definitely feature in CLOG's plans for the coming year!