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WHR & FR Sources & Links

Here you will find a collection of some sources for the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog Railways. The collection is by no means exhaustive but hopefully serves to emphasize the engineering innovations that characterize the railways in this part of Wales. Slate was King, but ultimately yielded to the tourists, whose annual stream help to keep these railways very much alive! I have concentrated on the Welsh Highland Railway which is actually two separate organizations; one is legally owned by the Ffestiniog Railway, the other is a smaller organization which acts as a kind of "museum front-end" to the main Welsh Highland. I visited both organizations in April 2019. You will also notice that I have included some references to an interesting electrification scheme that was planned but did not reach fruition. Please do have a browse!


Welsh Highland Railway History

Welsh Highland Railway History 1
Welsh Highland Railway History 2
Welsh Highland Railway History 3
Welsh Highland Railway History 4
Welsh Highland Railway (Wikipedia)
Welsh Highland Heritage Rly (Wikipedia)


Welsh Highland (WHR and WHHR)- Rolling Stock

Welsh Highland (Ffestiniog) Rly Rolling Stock
WHR - Beyer Garratt Number 138
WHR and Ffestiniog Carriages
Welsh Highland (Heritage) Rly Rolling Stock
Locomotives used on the WHHR
Russell (Steam Locomotive)
Karen (Steam Locomotive)
Gelert (Steam Locomotive)
Snowdon Ranger (Steam Locomotive)
Gowrie (Steam Locomotive)
Emma (Diesel Locomotive)
Motorail Simplex
Norwegian Coupling


Welsh Highland Railway Electric

Portmadoc, Beddgelert & South Snowdon Rly
Bruce Peebles Electric Locos
PBSSR - Motive Power
WHH-No-29 (p6-8)
3-ph AC railway electrification


Ffestiniog Railway History

Ffestiniog Railway History 1
Ffestiniog Railway History 2
Ffestiniog Railway History 3
Ffestiniog Railway History 4
Ffestiniog Railway History 5
Ffestiniog Railway (Wikipedia)
Spooner's Grill, Cafe & Bar


Ffestiniog Railway Rolling Stock

Ffestiniog Rly Rolling Stock
Merddin Emrys
WHR and Ffestiniog Carriages
Norwegian Coupling