Little Abbotts
PJ  1922
Downham, Essex

"PJ 1922" P. L. Jeyes Please Read Me

What about PJ 1922 ??

The inscription "PJ 1922" may refer to a building company, connected with, and possibly forerunners of, "P. L. JEYES & COMPANY LIMITED" (Peter Leslie Jeyes). However, no written records could be found for this. The date - 1922 - and the registered office address of "P.L. Jeyes & Co. Ltd" would seem to go beyond mere coincidence! In other words, a possible inference is that the rebuild of "Little Abbotts" was completed in 1922 by a company called "P. Jeyes & Co. Ltd". And this was after the fire in 1920 had reduced the original "Little Abbotts" to a shell.

This looks like the builder who restored "Little Abbotts" in 1922.

References to P. L. Jeyes & Co. Ltd.

These are some on-line references to P.L. Jeyes & Co. Ltd. This company is of interest because of where it is registered. It is also ultimately of interest because of the inscription, in stone, of what appears to be "PJ 1922".

  1. Companies House (Link) has the following information for this company.

    Registered office address:
        1 Little Abbotts, Crowsheath Lane, Downham, Billericay, Essex, CM11 1QL.
    Company status and type:
        Active, Private limited Company
    Incorporated on:
        10 January 1996

    Since at least 29 Sep 2004, this company, while "active" has been regarded as "dormant". This looks like an interesting contradiction!

  2. Scoriff (Link) describes the company as an active private limited company from BILLERICAY, in 1996 and competing with tens of thousands of other businesses "in the field of non-trading company".

  3. Getthedata (Link) provides further information.

  4. Endole (Link) provides further information.

  5. Identeco (Link) provides further information.