Lake District
3 to 7th June 2016


Our CLOG Visit to Scales in the Lake District

Our June CLOG Away Weekend was in the hamlet of Scales between Penrith and Keswick, and easily accessible from either. As we found, Scales is well positioned as a centre for exploring the North East of the Lakes. Indeed, we had many good and challenging walks right from on our doorstep. A number of our walks were circular; we enjoyed a mixture of high level walks reaching up to 850 to 900 metres above sea level as well as some nice low level forays into this attractive part of the Lake District. John Edwards organised our trip, and as you can already see, his choice was both successful and excellent.

It was a steep climb up to Clough Head (726 m), but we made it - even though the path was not on the map and we had to ask the locals about it. This was on Saturday's walk and some of us were shortly to scale the Great Dodd (857 m).

What you will see on these pages

Our activities focussed mainly on walks, with a few more touristy things as well. CLOG events, in true CLOG style, spawn a number of parallel activities which I try to cover a bit on the "Activities" page. Other pages will, of course, be mainly devoted to those walks and activities in which I partook as a participant or as a nominal leader. So here's what you will see. Thank you in advance for your visit and have a good browse!

Thank You to All for a Great Time!

John, a Great Thank You for organising our trip with all its administrative items such as the important booking of our accommodation, and even sorting our who ordered what for our final get together dinner. Thank you walk leaders and those who gave useful assistance. Thank you all for your suppport. We all enjoyed ourselves in the Great Outdoors that is the Lake District!