CLOG - Wasdale 2018
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Our CLOG Easter Visit to Wasdale

Our CLOG Easter visit to the Lakes this year was a roaring success. Even the Weather Gods helped where they could and certainly didn't dent our enthusiasm. We were based at the Wasdale Head Inn at the eastern end of Wast Water; this was an excellent centre for exploring the high ground.

We stayed at, or camped close to, the Wasdale Head Inn.

What you see on these web pages is my own humble take on our activities. I have, to the best of my knowledge, summarized all our activities via the link indicated. Regarding my own subset of these activities, the "Walk Features" (sounds more up-market than "Walk Data"), while based on my GPS measurements, give a feel for the heights and distances involved, and, of course, illustrate the well-known adage that in the mountains, "short" walks can often mean challenging walks - much more so than "long" walks in the flat lands!

This is what you will see here. Enjoy your browse!

----- March -----

  1. Arrive - Wednesday
  2. Scafell Pike - Thursday
  3. Sty Head - Good Friday
  4. Burnmoor Tarn - Saturday  

----- April -----

  1. Black Sail - Easter Sunday
  2. At Base - Easter Monday
  3. Nether Wasdale - Tuesday  
  4. Good Bye - Wednesday

----- More -----

Thank You !

A big thank you, Gavin, for so diligently organizing this trip and leading a walk or two and introducing us to the gentle art of beer drinking! Thank you walk leaders. Thank you everyone for your contributions, car lifts and of course good company! Weather Gods? Well, they enabled us to do quite a few things, including scaling England's highest mountain - a must do for a number of us!