Isle of Wight - Totland Bay
4 to 9 May 2018

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Parallel Activities

It is a positive feature of CLOG away breaks that there are generally a number of parallel activities. This accords with the tried and tested CLOG philosophy of "multi-activity away breaks". So, on our away break in Totland Bay, apart from a number of walks, our agenda also included cycling and swimming. There were also some "tourist" activities to provide that cultural dimension. Indeed, two of the walks also had a "tourist" element built in. Whatever we chose to do, the weather was always on our side.

Here are some of our party at the iconic "Needles" on our walk on our first full day (Saturday) along the coast from Totland to the "Needles" headland and on to Yarmouth.

There were twenty-nine in our away break party and there was plenty of variety on offer. Indeed, it is likely that there were yet more parallel activities, but you see here the activities of which I am immediately aware. They give a flavour of what we did. The links to more detailed descriptions are for the activities in which I was directly involved.


As you can see here, there were a number of walks, based mainly in the west and the south of the Isle of Wight (IOW). The island landscape is based on chalk and is reminiscent of the South Downs on the mainland. The maximum height on "Wight" is 241 metres but there are some demanding ascents. This is all good practice for those who espouse the "Great Outdoors"!


With the Isle of Wight (IOW) being about 23 miles east to west and 13 miles north to south, cycling is a good option for exploring the island. Added to this there are a number of disused railway lines (track beds) which have been converted to "cycle-ways". Some of us, especially Melissa, were in their cycling element on both Sunday and Monday!


The Isle of Wight, as mentioned, is only 23 miles by 13¼ miles, so we were never far from the sea. Added to this there are nice sandy beaches. So, some us of thought, "Why not take a dip in the Solent?".


The Isle of Wight may - as already mentioned - only be about 23 miles east to west and 13¼ miles north to south, but there is a lot to see as well within these distances. The island has an interesting past which we found well worth investigating.

Summing Up

So, as you can see, there was plenty to do! We had excellent weather and there was never a dull moment. We all had a good time! That's how we like CLOG away breaks!