Great Eastern Delight
2006 - 2017

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Visits to the Epping-Ongar Railway

The Epping-Ongar Railway (EOR) is an active heritage line dating back to 1865. At about 20 miles from London's Trafalgar Square it is the closest standard gauge preserved steam line to the Capital. The attractive undulating Essex landscape and the history embedded therein make for a rewarding visit. Added to that, the steam and diesel trains which ply between the Victorian stations, and the connecting vintage buses, all provide added attraction to the young, the old and the die-hard transport enthusiast!

At first glance, the terminus at Ongar suggests that time has stood still. It is only closer inspection that reveals that this picture was actually taken in the 21st century! The trees across the road straight ahead preside over the reason why the EOR was never extended to Dunmow or to link up with the main line at Chelmsford. A frequent and much liked visitor on the EOR is Met No. 1, although this locomotive is actually associated with the north west of the Underground network.

The following four pages record my four visits in which I witnessed: the early days of preservation in 2006, a railway transformed in 2012 and the line going from strength to strength in 2016 and 2017. The Great Eastern Railway crest reminds you, the visitor to these pages, of the origins of this line. I hope you enjoy your time travel.